Climate-Controlled Units & Standard Storage Units in KS, OK, MO

We have both standard and climate-controlled storage units, and both serve as protected and sound options. Climate-controlled units provide the ultimate best solution for storing items that are vulnerable to extreme heat or cold. Our units will maintain a steady and moderate temperature to minimize the risk of damaged items. Some common items stored in our climate-controlled storage units:
  • Antiques
  • Artwork
  • Documents
  • Collectibles
  • Leather clothing or furniture
  • Electronics
  • Photography
  • Heirlooms & Keepsakes
  • Much More
Whether you’re running out of space in your home, preparing to move, or looking to store your seasonal items, we have the perfect storage unit and type available for you. All our units are clean, well-built, and will ensure the best protection of your belongings at all times. Choose from a variety of unit sizes to accommodate your needs.

Our climate-controlled storage units are completely private for even the most valuable of possessions. Our premises are protected by all modern security measures. Security gates, CCTV, and fencing keep the would-be thieves and bandits at a distance. Contact your nearest facility if you need help determining the ideal storage unit and type.

Start storing today!

🠗 What Fits in the Unit Size I'm Looking For? 🠗

5x5 Units
5x5 units
5x10 Units
5x10 items in unit
10x10 Units
10x10 items in unit
10x10 units
10x15 Units
10x15 units
10x15 items in unit
10x20 Units
10x20 items in unit
10x20 units
10x30 Units
10x30 units
10x30 items in unit